Life-affirming, dramatic and emotional are some of the words that have earned Sirocco a reputation as one of the most exciting new groups on the Swedish world music scene today.

Sirocco play songs from the Jewish and Arabic traditions and was formed in 2009 in Stockholm.
The group has their root of inspiration in the golden age in medieval southern Spain, the region once known as Al Andalus. At that time Jews, Arabs and Christians lived side by side for centuries and poetry, music and culture was blooming.

Sirocco give a new spark to these ancient songs, flavoring them with their own unique sound inspired by South American folk music, Nordic folk music and flamenco.

In 2014 Sirocco released their debut album ”Amirim” in cooperation with Israeli musician and Grammy nominee Yair Dalal.

“Sirocco treat the audience to a breathtaking experience.” Rasmus Klockljung, Lira Music Magazine.

  • Sofia Berg-Böhm (vocal)
  • Patrik Bonnet (guitar, oud)
  • Jonas Bleckman (cello)
  • Robin Cochrane (percussions)