Joonas Widenius Trio

Joonas 3

This trio has been playing together for several years, but the musicians formed a trio specifically for their Guitarra – Utopia – Musica album. Each of the musicians in the trio is a highly rated virtuoso in his own area – something that can be clearly seen and heard on stage. The trio’s figurehead, Joonas Widenius, is one of Finland’s best known Flamenco guitarists. His playing has been praised by audiences and critics throughout the country. The trio’s music has an easy elegant swing which leaves listeners in an agreeable frame of mind long after the concert is over. When these performers get together, flamenco, jazz, rock and many other styles are given a good going over!

Joonas Widenius (guitar)
Hannu Rantanen (bass)
Karo Sampela (drums, udu, pandeiro).