Elle Márjá Eira


Elle Márjá Eira has a voice that cuts through the heart. She makes the public get inclined to laugh, cry and get angry at the same time. Yoik, which is the Sami way of singing, shows all the emotions. Her yoiks tells stories about people, places, water, mountains and animals.

Elle Márjá and her musicians are from northern Norway. She grew up in a reindeer herding family, and retrieves inspiration from her childhood and living in the north. Elle Márjá has a large experience as a stage artist, she and her band has received excellent reviews for their live performances. They have performed in Brazil, Guatemala and Germany. Their album will be released in 2016.

Elle Márjá Eira (vocal/visuals)
Jakop Janssønn (drums/electronics)
Eirik Fjelde (keys)
Karl Rune Rubach (bass)
Morten Pettersen (guitar/vocals)
Holger Hansen (sound/visuals)