A new big Fastpoholmen – Roskilde Festival

Up onto the first release of ‘En Stund’ FastPoHolmen was mostly a duo, sometimes backed by their musicians amongst friends and family. But as the album achieves success, the clubs and festivals wanted to see the band live. New bandmembers came along, and at Roskilde Festival 2011, FastPoHolmen presented themselves as an 8 person band for the first time. From then on forward Fastpoholmen was, besides Adam and Dawn, Thomas Fløe Nielsen, Kristoffer Sidenius, Jay Habib, Trine Trash, Kristian Rinck – Henriksen and Anders Juhl Nielsen.

The Roskilde concert reaped great reviews from major newspapers and music magazines and created interest for several concerts around Scandinavia,

November 26th 2013 ‘Andas In’ won the Danish Music Award 2013 – for Best World Album. The played 2014 at Præstø Folk Festival, the electronicGerman Fusion Festival, intimate Himmelstorm festival, worldmusicfestival Urkult i Ångermanland, Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Scandinavia Reggae Festival in Copenhagen.

This summer of 2015 Free Kids Records and Fastpoholmen built a temporary studio in the cellar of the New Theatre in Copenhagen. Here they recorded 11 new songs coming out in mid-February 2016 with first single ‘Ditt Ljus’ in December 2015.