About Nordic Showcase 2016 and 2017

 Nordic Showcase – A Nordic Meeting Place! 2017 and 2017.

  • The goal is to emphasize the present diversity in the nordic folk, worldmusic and dance field, and support collaboration over the borders by creating more Nordic touring possibilities for Nordic touring both within and outside the Nordic Countries.
  • The Nordic Showcase will present 6 new folk and world groups from Sweden and 2 from each Nordic country. The presence of Nordic artists is being arranged by our partners The Nordic Export offices.
  • The exposure makes it a natural platform for meeting future employers, but also for meeting music colleagues and talk about the artistic development. The need for meeting is also substantial within folkmusic and folkdance regarding crossroads of traditional identity versus the approach of progress and commerce.
  • The Nordic showcase is a part of the Folk & Världsmusikgala, and is organized by Västmanlandsmusiken and Musik i Syd in collaboration with RFoD – the Swedish Folk music and Dance Association, Nordic export offices, Musikcentrum Sweden and Dunkers Kulturhus.

Selection Process

  • The Nordic Showcase will present 6 Swedish groups and 2 from each Nordic country; Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
  • The aim is to search for independent musicians with the explicit criteria of export readiness and international career strategy.
  • The Swedish selection will be made by a reference group consisting of representatives from the sphere of higher education, music critics and promotion. The criteria will also aim for a selection of ultimate musical, gender and diversity span.

.…the Future -2019 ?

The Nordic Showcase is a way of expanding the opportunities for artists, promoters and contributors in order to create a more homogenised and communicating market that supports mobility for the independent Nordic music life both within and beyond the Nordic Countries.