Valkyrien (NO)

Valkyrien (formerly known as Valkyrien Allstars)

Norwegian band who, with traditional music at its core but drawing inspiration from many genres, have developed a totally new sound. Their music is based on traditional Norwegian tunes, but they blast through their tradition and create an iconoclastic sound that is best experienced live. The soulful and strong vocals of Tuva Syvertsen, mixed with funky hardanger fiddles, bass, drums and collective improvisation has become Valkyrien’s trademark.

Since their eponymous debut album in 2007, an album that quickly sold to gold, they’ve continued to explore and challenge the use of traditional instruments and old Norwegian music in a contemporary expression. The band has been unusually active and they have, after over 10 years of touring, evolved into a solid and playful live act. Valkyrien is a band in flux. What began as a mere fiddle trio, has developed into something that simply is a little hard to describe – it must be experienced.

  • Tuva Syvertsen – Vocal, fiddle
  • Erik Sollid – Vocal, fiddle, guitar
  • Martin Viktor Langlie – Drums
  • Magnus Larsen – Bass