Sara Ajnnak (SE)

“I grew up in a reindeer herder family in northern Sweden, from childhood I have learned to relate to the nature’s vicissitudes. Life in reindeer husbandry has affected and affects me constantly. The yoik has been a regulator where I have sent out my feelings. In the candlelight the reflections of life has turned into lyrics.

“My music is the result of my personal struggle to erase the historical shame that led to my language vanished from my family. That the only voice that was left from my forefathers yoik was in an old archive. Sweden’s attempt to slowly erase my history from the history books have aroused my anger. The anger has led me home. Home to my language, my yoik and home to my music. February 2016 I released my second album Ráhtjat. Ráhtjat is a quest for inner freedom, freedom to use my language, freedom to express my yoik, freedom to be proud of the battle I fought in my mind, and the fight that I won. By working with Ráhtjat I have found immense power that I want to share with the world from an ancient culture that no matter what will continue to stand at all times. “

  • Sara Ajnnak – vocals
  • Fred Endresen – Guitar, drums, vocals