Nybyggnan (SE)

Nybyggnan  – a folk music saxophone concerto in chamber music format .

Nybyggnan, ‘new building’, is a contemporary work for chamber forces, built on the foundation of folk music. It is music that opens itself up to other styles and modes of expression, music built here and now with influences from our own time.

Nybyggnan was born out of Daniel’s dream of having the opportunity to perform new folk music for string quartet and various sizes of saxophone, but also out of Adrian’s wish to compose something from scratch and to search for new formats for folk music independent of the traditional one of playing isolated tunes. Adrian and Daniel have known each other since their student days and this is the result of many years of shared musical development. Nybyggnan combines Adrian’s musical references with Daniel’s expressive playing, and contains influences from jazz, heavy rock and classical music. Its format lets the chamber musical expression in to the genre of folk music as well as it allows folk music to find a way in to the world of chamber music.

“Very well orchestrated, interesting for the subtle and perfect fusion of different styles” – Musica 271, Nov 2015 – Italian music magazine

  • Daniel Reid – saxophone
  • Jeanette Eriksson – violin
  • Sérgio Crisóstomo – violin
  • Adrian Jones – viola
  • Anna Wallgren – cello