Antti Paalanen (FI)

Antti Paalanen (born 1977) creates his wild music on the simple accordions so familiar to Finnish folk music. Although inspired by tradition, Paalanen has nevertheless created a sound world all his own, where tradition gives way to trance-like minimalism and a controlled and insightful use of modern sound technology.

Antti Paalanen released his third album Meluta by Rockadillo Records 2014 and Westpark Music 2015. This album showcases a musician who is not only a brilliant accordion player but also a composer who takes his instrument to the limit: he screams at the accordion, stomps on the floor, pounds the bellows, and snorts like a raging bull. In Paalanen’s hands, the accordion is a living, breathing trance dance machine.

  • Antti Paalanen – accordion