Criterias for Swedish Application 2016-2017

Groups that can apply are:

  • Based in Sweden to a large extend
  • Not larger than a total of 4 indivuduals. This size might be exceeded if the group are willing to pay for travel, accommodation and eventual performance fees for extra members
  • Regarded  as folk- & world groups by general standards
  • Emerging artists, brilliant and original talent, with a following in their country but not fully established internationally
  • Groups that are considered as “export ready”, has a clear international strategy and all necessary promotional tools in place (English webpage, international promotional package etc)

For the overall final selection and programming of the Swedish part of the showcases, the reference group will regard the following:

  • Age (younger artist will be prioritized before older)
  • Diversity of expression
  • Diversity in cultural or geographical background
  • Gender